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关键词: AT89S51单片机 ISP 设计及调试


ABSTRACT:At present, SCM is widely used in various fields, along with a variety of microcontroller type development, the function of MCU are also gradually improved, AT89S51 to achieve ISP online programming function, can be burned directly in the target system or circuit board, and can be repeated burning, the advantages of no purchase special programmer etc.. Use this feature can be greatly reduced in the MCU application system for real-time detection and automatic control of the workload, then according to its specific structure, and then the specific characteristics of the target application software to design.

   Firstly, the research significance and the research status of SCM is analyzed, and puts forward some improvement methods. Based on SCM especially the structure characteristics of AT89S51 single chip and pin function is introduced, and a detailed analysis of the design of AT89S51 single chip microcomputer online programmer, the end of the program design and debugging of the circuit, in order to ensure the design of each single machine function to the normal operation of. 

Keywords:AT89S51 microcontroller;ISP;designing and debugging